Dr Annette Albright
B.A. (Hons) M.D. 
​I am a medical practitioner and psychotherapist, and my practice is open to adults, with a focus on treating the whole person and nurturing the personal growth that results from facing one’s struggles.   My approach is primarily grounded in psychodynamic psychotherapy principles, and I believe that by providing a non-judgemental atmosphere, people are able to explore repetitive patterns that are disruptive in their lives. Gaining greater insight about yourself can be a relief as you become more at peace with who you are.   I was previously a board certified psychiatrist in the United States of America and had a psychiatry private practice for 10 years, providing individual psychotherapy and medication management to adults with mental health difficulties, as well as more general life concerns.  I also worked as a Staff Psychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco, Student Health and Counselling Services, where I provided mental health services to graduate level students becoming health care professionals. Upon relocating to Sydney, I worked as an advanced psychiatry registrar for the Northern Sydney Local Health District.  I have extensive experience in helping individuals with relationship issues, self-esteem issues, grief and loss, work and career stress, life transition difficulties, anxiety, depression, and issues related to identity. 
Tel: 02 9188 7854

Dr Michael Scott

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist. I work with patients across the adult lifespan, from late adolescence to the elderly. Based within a Psychodynamic framework, I provide ongoing psychotherapy - talking treatment - flexible in frequency of sessions and duration over time. Where appropriate, this can also include the prescription of medication. In addition, I provide one-off Assessment Consultations. I work collaboratively with General Practitioners and other Health professionals. In my experience, people most often find themselves burdened by their own quite unique combination of common difficulties. I work with individuals seeking to find a way forward through areas including Relationship problems, Depression and Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Trauma and memories, Grief, Substance Misuse, Gender Identity, and Transcultural Psychiatry.
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Dr Lachlan McPhail

I am a consultant psychiatrist with more than 8 years’ experience working in mental health. I completed my undergraduate medical training in Perth, Western Australia and have worked in Sydney, Perth and Rural Western Australia. I now mainly work as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with individual adults.  This therapy is useful with a broad range of difficulties including mood and anxiety problems, personality vulnerabilities, interpersonal difficulties, addictions and trauma. I am involved in further training with The NSW Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and also completing RANZCP advanced training certificates in both psychotherapies and addictions. I have particular interests in longer-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy for complex trauma, the psychodynamics underlying addictions and in the mental health of LGBTI people.
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​​​Dr Tatiana Grosman
B.Med (Hons), FRANZCP

I am a consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist with 30 years’ experience in psychiatry. I completed my initial medical degree in Russia. I completed my training in Australia and became a Fellow of RANZCP in 2000. My training in psychotherapy with RANZCP was completed in 2004. I am a member of the Faculty of Psychotherapy (RANZCP) and a member of the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders. I work with adult patients from late adolescence to old age. I have extensive experience treating the majority of psychiatric conditions including Depression, Anxiety, Trauma-related psychological problems, Bipolar Disorders and Schizophrenia. My special areas of interest are Personality Disorders, Treatment Resistant Depression and Anxiety Disorders, Women’s Health and Perinatal Psychiatry. As a therapist, I work within a psychodynamic therapy frame. I use a relational model in my work and Transference Focused Psychotherapy as a specific treatment for Borderline Personality Disorders.
Tel: 02 9953 9838

Dr Michael Honnery


I am a consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist.  I established the Wycombe Clinic in 1994 and have been in full-time psychotherapy practice ever since.  My approach is analytically orientated, with an emphasis on attachment, particularly in relation to early trauma.  In addition to my private practice, I have been Chair of the Binational Sector of Psychotherapy of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry and lecturer for the RANZCP advanced training in the psychotherapies. I have particular interest in psychotherapy with young adults.

​Tel: 02 9953 9838


Dr Catherine Hicks
PhD, M.Mus, M.A. Clin. Psych., MAPS

I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, and I’ve worked with individual adults and couples for the past twenty years in both South Africa and Australia.  My approach to therapy is integrative of the current cognitive and mindfulness models, but grounded primarily in a psychodynamic and relational frame – I believe that relationships with others, both past and present, lead to patterns that impact and shape how we experience our lives and the choices we make. Therapy offers the opportunity to identify and modify some of the more-unhelpful patterns, and develop more effective and authentic ways of living.  I think of therapy as both a process and a relationship – somewhere and someone to go to when life feels difficult and overwhelming.  Together we work at understanding what your specific difficulties are, where they come from, and how they might be addressed.
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